Member Communities

  • B'Nai Sephardim, Hollywood
    Rabbi Yehuda L. Benhamu
    3670 Stirling Road
    Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33312
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  • Bet Midrash LeBaale Teshuva, Eliyahu HaNavi, Hollywood
    R' Maoz Itshakov
    Currently at Torat Moshe
    3210 Stirling Road
    Hollywood, FL 33021
    (305) 305-9949
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  • Cong. Baba Sali, Plantation
    861 N Nob Hill Rd
    Plantation, FL 33324

Outreach Directors

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Ronen Araki of Torat Moshe, Hollywood
Mrs. Sara Lucy Cohen of We are One, Hollywood

Rabbinic Board

Rabbi Yehuda Benhamu of B'Nai Sephardim, Hollywood
Rabbi David Botton of Nahar Shalom, Dania Beach
Rabbi Ariel Edry of Shorashim, Hollywood
Rabbi Yaacov Laredo of B'Nai Sephardim, Hollywood
Rabbi Avichai Levi of Netive Ezra, Hallandale
Rabbi Maoz Itshakov of Bet Midrash LeBaale Teshuva, Eliyahu HaNavi, Hollywood
Rabbi Itzhak Lasry of Tiferet Rafael, Plantation
Rabbi Oren Pinchasov of Maor Yitzchak, Hollywood
Rabbi Ezra Sharbani of David Chai, Hollywood

Agudat HaKehilot Ahavat Shalom Logo

Agudat HaKehilot Ahavat Shalom Logo

The Agudat HaKehilot Ahavat Shalom Logo was designed to symbolized the binding together of the Sefardic Kehilot of Broward County to pool our resources, rabbinical expertise and community services into a single dynamic organization that would optimize service to our communities and increase the learning and fulfillment of Torah through the love of peace that comes with wholeness.

About the Agudah

The Agudat HaKehilot Ahavat Shalom was formed on Rosh Chodesh Tamuz, 5774 as an effort to bind together the combined resources and services of Broward County's Sefardic congregations in to a dynamic working community. The overwhelming majority of orthodox Jews in Broward County and South Florida as a whole are Sefardic and while the infrastructure in South Florida for observant Jews in South Florida is well established it can not always meet the specific needs of our Sefardic communities. The Agudah was established not to take the place of the current organizations, but rather to supplement them and to give guidance to our communities according to the halachot of the Maran Yosef Karo and the important practical differences that result in all areas of Jewish Sefardic life.

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