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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • Do you offer kosher certification?

    No, the Agudah does not offer kosher certification nor is it in our plans to do so. We do provide information for Sefardim on acceptable certifications and since Sefardic halachot are generally stricter than Ashlenazic halachot concerning kosher issues information on what can be relied on or how can issues be remedied when relying on Ashkenazi kosher certifications.

  • What are the requirements for a community to be a member of the Agudah?


Welcome to the Agudat HaKehilot Ahavat Shalom website. Our charter was signed in to existence on Rosh Chodesh Tamuz, so we are just getting started collecting information for the website. Please check about daily for updates. We will be adding schedules of community tefilot, classes and events and directories to reach important community services and rabbinic services.

Agudat HaKehilot Ahavat Shalom Logo

Agudat HaKehilot Ahavat Shalom Logo

The Agudat HaKehilot Ahavat Shalom Logo was designed to symbolized the binding together of the Sefardic Kehilot of Broward County to pool our resources, rabbinical expertise and community services into a single dynamic organization that would optimize service to our communities and increase the learning and fulfillment of Torah through the love of peace that comes with wholeness.